No. 11 - Solar complete set with hygienic combi storage tank incl. Heat exchanger and mounting and installation accessories

Product no.: 202 501
Price excl. tax: €4,049.00
Price (incl. tax): €4,049.00
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  • Vendor catalogue no.: Set Nr. 11
  • Warranty (months): 60


Solar - compact set - on-roof assembly - solar collectors with solar storage tank for 6-8 person household and up to 200m² living space

consisting of:

- 4 solar collectors with a gross area of 10.1m²

- 1 solar storage tank with 800/200 ltr.capacity and 1 heat exchanger tubes, 1 drinking water tank

- Fitting mounting system for on-roof mounting

- Connector for the hydraulic connection of the collectors

- Solar station with insulating box and wall bracket

- Solar difference controller with heat quantity counter

- Extending expansion vessel incl. connection set

- Solar liquid for operation of the system up to approx. 20m of pipeline

- Technical description and assembly instructions



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