EDEL 200 - Domestic Water High Temperature Heat Pump with 200 litres stainless steel Storage

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  • Vendor: Muller group
  • Vendor catalogue no.: EDEL 200 L
  • Weight: 80
  • Warranty (months): 12

Air/Water Domestic high temperature heat pump with stainless steel storage 200 l content, class A+, with electric heater 1,5 kW

is patended with high efficiency compressor and heat exchanger with vey low noise level according the standards ISO 3745 and EN 12102.

The stainless steel storage need no corrosion protection by an anode and is maintenance free. The electronic control device is very easy to handle. The heat pump generate no greenhouse effects at the end of life time and no anti-contamination of the refrigerant is necessary. An electric heating is additional installed increasing the water temperature up to 65°C in time higher consumption of warm water. Energy saving is up to 80% in reference of an electric domestic warm water heater.

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Technical Data:

Water storage volume  200 l

Electrical heater  1500 Watt

Max. power consumtion inc. electrical heater  2200 Watt

Max. Domestic warm water temperature with heat pump  60°C

Ambient air temperature limits  -7°C up to +35°C

Power consumption of the heat pump (60°C water temperature) 700 Watt

Power consumption of the heat pump for 45°C water temperature  1,65 kW/h

Fan air volume  259 / 400 m³/h

Noise level in 2 m distance  33 dB (a)

Refrigerant   R 290 (0,14 kg)

Global greenhouse potential   2,8kg CO2

Coefficient of Performance  COP 3,44 (according the ambient air conditions)

Air connections  outdoor or ambient 160 mm Diam.

Max. length of air ducts  10 m for flexible, 20 m for rigid ducts

Hydraulic connections  3/4 inch

Condensing pipe  18/23 mm

Condensing volume  0,3 l/h

Dimensions    630mm Diam. x 1426mm Heigh

Transport weight    80 kg

Empty weight without water  65 kg

Power supply  230 V / 1 ph / 50 Hz - 16 A circuit breaker (D-curve)

Electrical heater  1500 Watt

Storage stainless steel max. pressure  6 bar

Max. water temperature with electric heater 65°C


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