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Heat pumps do not cause air pollution from nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matter and carbon dioxyde and they are the most environmentally friendly alternative to the combustion of gas or oil. The installation costs of a heat pump is much lower than with a gas or oil heating latter with tank generally.

Heat pumps extract the outside air energy and convert it, simply explained, in hot water. This conversion process is taking place in the use of electrical power, which can be 100% heat energy arising from 20% of electrical energy. This is documented with high COP values ​​(for example, COP 5.1 = 1 kW effort for 5.1 kW income), but the only valid under this a climatic condition, that summer temperatures, in which a heater is not necessary to the production of domestic hot water.

The energy gain is dependent on the temperature of the outside air, that is, the higher the outside temperature, the higher is the energy gain. If the air temperature reducing,  like
 in the winter  time, also decreases the energy gain, which means that for 100% heat energy gain significantly increases the electrical energy consumption, at -10 ° C air temperature is no longer a COP of 5.1 special only 1.8.

The  technical development tried in recent years this situation to deal with new ideas, components and energy sources in the machine itself and to increase the efficiency of the heat pump, so that even in cold temperature periods of the year
 enough energy gain will be available.

A further problem is and was the attainable water temperature, which is necessary for heat transfer from radiator heating systems to be supplied for this application, the heat pump successfully compete against fossil-fueled heaters. Achievable water temperatures of 60 ° C maximum 65 ° C were the previous limit and this is still not satisfactory efficiency i.e. energy expenditure.

The new HRC 70 heat pump produce for the first time a water temperature of 70 ° C and in terms exceeds thus the energy expenditure the previous economical power generators using fossil fuels.









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