EDEL 270B - Air / Water DHW high temperature heat pump with 300 litres stainless steel storage tank, 1 add. Heat Exchanger

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  • Vendor: Muller group
  • Vendor catalogue no.: EDEL 270B
  • Weight: 145
  • Warranty (months): 12


Air - / Water High Power Heat Pump supplied with a storage tank of 270 L and 1 additional heat exchangers in the storage tank supplied, to be used for connection of an additional heating resource or a solar collectors system

The Heat Pump is working with a patended technology certificated with a 3 star label. The COP of 3.03 is confirmed by the standard according EN 16174. The water temperature of +60°C is available up an ambient air temperature of -7°C and can be adjusted to +65°C, in this case the electrical heater is switched on additional. In boost-mode the double power is available which completely switch off in case the set temperature is reached. In special situation 800 l warm water per day is available.

The installed special Scroll compressor is mounted on 3 anti-vibrations and guaranty a very low noise level. Supply and exhaust air can be feeded by air ducts outside or cellar or other rooms at site in the house can be used.  Has to be attended, that in this condition this room becomes climatisated and dehumidified additional in case supply and exhaust air circulating in the same room. The resting condensate has to be discharged by a pipe to the canalisation. 

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Techncal Data:

Storage volume:  270 l

1 electric heat exchanger 1500 W

1 additional internal heat exchanger 1,45m² 

Storage shell:  stainless steel

Korrosion protection: not necessary, like model 200

Max storage pressure: 6 bar

Dimensions: Diameter 700 mm x 1658mm H

Transport weight: 145 kg

Electrical power: 230V / 1ph / 50 Hz - 16 A

Max. power consumtion 2,2 kW (incl. electrical heater)

Refrigerant: R 290

Kompressors pressure max. 25 bar

Working condition: -7°C bis +35°C

Noise level 2m distance max. 36 dBa

Max Stromverbrauch Wärmepumpe 700 W

Max electrical power consumption W7/W45°C for 270L storage: 1,35 kW

Fan air volume: 390m³/h

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