IRICON - Air/Water – Heat pump and chiller 26 kW - 400 V - Gas R410A incl. 100 l buffer tank

Product no.: AD865
Price excl. tax: €20,644.00
Price (incl. tax): €20,644.00

Air/Water reversible Heat Pump for heating and cooling, completed  with 100 l tank, to be used for outdoor installation. Price include all necessary optional accessories incl. remote control and Carell electronic control system.

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IRICON chillers working very satisfactorily for many years in many countries around the world. IRICON is a sign of high quality and unique service. IRICON chillers and heat pumps are not ever a ready default product, the units becomes configured usually by the customer with the different available options. In this shop chillers and reversible heat pumps are completed with all necessary options, which ensure the operation in all different and possible conditions.


Technical Data IRICON Type ICAEY 25/E1 (Gas R 410 a)

Heating power: 26 kW - Absorbed Power incl. fans  7,7 kW - COP 3,4 - Conditions: Water temperature 40/45°C - Outdoor air temperature +7/6°C

Cooling power: 24 kW - Absorbed Power incl. fans  6,39 kW - EER 3,8 -  Conditions: Water temperature 7/12°C  -  Outdoor air temperature +32°C

Dimensions: 1860x1200x992 mm (LxHxD)

Weight:  Transport 550 kg - Operation 660 kg


Installed Options:

Heat Pump version, hydraulic equipment with 100 l. Buffer tank and circulating pump - completed with security valve, bleed valve, expansion vessel, shut-off valves, temperature probes, antifreeze probe, manometer, flow switch -, remote control panel, fan speed control -15°C, soft starter, automatic breaker, difference pressure switch, high and low pressure valves, high and low pressure gauges, water filter, rubber anti-vibrators, coil protection grid.

Other available options:

Electrical heating for buffer tank and evaporator, programmer clock card, mod bus card RS 485, additional valves for liquid line.

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