EDEL 80 - Domestic warm water high temperature heat pump with 80 ltr. storage tank

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  • Vendor: Muller group france
  • Vendor catalogue no.: EDEL 80
  • Weight: 50
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Air - / Water High Power Heat Pump supplied with a storage tank of 80 L and electrical heater of 1200 Watt   

The device is intended for wall mounting and can be mounted in an auxiliary room of an apartment without restrictions. A comprehensive range of accessories is available for the supply and exhaust air ducts. Easy to install.

The system has patented technology and is certified with a 3-star rating.

The high-performance compressor operates with a low-flow, low-environmental, environmental-neutral refrigerant, which gives the system a high efficiency. The 80 Ltr tank capacity is therefore heated up in a short time

With a COP of 3.26, the heat pump complies with EN 255-3.  At an air temperature of -7°C, a water temperature of 60°C is easy made. The water temperature can be adjusted to a value of 65 ° C. In this case, the electrical heating is switched on, whereby the double power is available in boost mode, which is immediately switched off completely as soon as the set temperature is reached. This means that a maximum of 200 L of warm water per day is available in a special case.

The built-in scroll compressor is mounted on 3 vibration dampers and guarantees a very low noise level. Inlet and exhaust air can be routed via a double duct, and the existing room temperature can also be used in a cellar or storage room. The resulting condensate must be discharged into the sewer system by means of a hose.

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Technical Data:

Storage volume:  80 l

Storage shell:  enameled steel sheet

Korrosion protection: Magnesium Anode

Max storage pressure: 6 bar

Dimensions: Diameter 500 mm x 1104mm H

Transport weight: 50 kg

Electrical power: 230V / 1ph / 50 Hz - 16 A

Max. power consumtion 1,6 kW (incl. electrical heater)

Refrigerant: R 900 a (0,08 kg) environmental-neutral

Kompressors pressure max. 25 bar

Working condition: -7°C bis +35°C

Noise level 1m distance max. 34 dBa

Max Stromverbrauch Wärmepumpe 350 W

Fan air volume: 80/160m³/h  (min./max)

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